Furnishing your house does not need to be costly and saving money does not indicate that you need to compromise on quality. We are going to cover top tips that could be used to save money and find affordable landlord furniture as you read this article.


Tip number 1. Always buy outlet - the simplest way of spending money on furniture is by walking into department store showrooms as well as buy the first thing you see. If you really want to save money on furniture when buying such, it is smart to drive out of town for a little bit and check for those warehouse outlets to which you can save around 20 to 70 percent.


Tip number 2. Shop at the end of the quarter or month - you are more likely to save and negotiate for a better deal if you go shopping at the end of the month or perhaps, fiscal quarter since dealers need to hit their sales quota or have to make rooms for new inventories.


Tip number 3. Do not be afraid to negotiate - it is nearly impossible to negotiate on well known affordable furniture store as they have fixed price on their products but you can do so on lesser popular stores. Ask the sales clerk for deals like including side coffee table if you are buying a living room set or throwing in fabric stain treatment for free.


Tip number 4. Look for damaged or secondhand merchandise - in case that you got some handyman skills in you which gives you the opportunity to fix broken couch leg, know how to clean a small stain or repair an upholstery, rest assure to save big sum of cash as you buy distressed, damaged or simply returned furniture.


Tip number 5. Buy directly to the furniture manufacturer - in the event that you live in a place near the furniture manufacturer or factory, then going directly to the source will allow you to make big savings. You will not need to pay shipping, retail markups or advertising.


Tip number 6. Consider buying used furniture - used furniture are guaranteed to be affordable whether you're cruising on garage sales in high end neighborhood or using online classifieds. Try looking for pieces that are well maintained and clean of course.


Remember that you can always reupholster ugly pattern, replace boring drawer pulls or paint over bland colors when you like. On the other hand, you want to avoid a certain piece in case that it is poorly kept and dirty.



Tip number 7. Stick with your budget - to limit your spending, work out a budget and stick to it.